The cornerstone application of Scan The Lot is Virtual Detail Page program.  This program extends your  marketing efforts to the vehicle and beyond!

This program shows the Virtual Detail Page for the vehicle (or industrial equipment), new or used.  It is shown by simply scanning a QR Code on the vehicle. 

Why a QR Code?  Because they have become so common in consumer advertising many of the latest Android phones have QR Code scanning builtin.  Even the older phones can scan a QR Code with a simple QR Code scanning app.  

Our Virtual Detail Page program extends the QR Code advertising advantage to the commercial vehicle and industrial equipment industries.  

The QR Code above, which can be scanned right off this screen,  will show the Virtual Detail Page of a service truck.  The results will appear on your phone and will remain on  your phone until you delete that page.  This means that if the buyer does not delete this page, it will remain on their phone long after they have left your lot.

(You can also see the Virtual Detail Page on your computer screen by simply clicking this button.)

Buyers always look at the Window Sticker, or similar document, when available on the vehicle.  Unfortunately, these documents are not dynamic, so may not be a complete accounting of the unit and can not travel with the buyer after they leave.  Our Virtual Detail Page program, addresses all of these issues.  

  • The Virtual Detail Page can be updated instantaneously. 
  • The Virtual Detail Page can include options added by the dealer.
  • The Virtual Detail Page can continue to be available on the buyer’s phone long after they have left your lot.

Virtual Detail Page Example

The Virtual Detail Page can scroll and will include information unique to that vehicle, which can include links to associated documents and brochures. The depth of this information is determined by the dealer.

Below is the continuation of the Virtual Detail Page for the vehicle above. 

Our Virtual Detail Page Program Work for Virtually All Vehicle Types and Equipment 

What Else Does Scan-The-Lot Offer?

QR Code Label Printing

A dealer can print their own QR code labels, and we will provide the exact information needed for each vehicle's QR Code. However, we do offer QR Code label printing service. Our program offers many advantages over printing them yourself. Call for details.

Dealer's Private WTZ Inventory

We offer a private version of the WTZ Inventory. This private inventory is for use by the dealership. It can include valuable information for salespeople when negotiating a sell and for managers when making stocking decisions. Click the icon above to learn more!

Lot Ronciliation

We suggest that the QR Code labels include a regular bar code of the Stock Number, the ones we print will. This bar code can be used for Lot Reconciliation. Basically it can compare the physical lot inventory with the virtual STL inventory. Click the Icon above to learn more!

Work Truck Zone (WTZ) Inventory

The information shown through the Virtual Detail Page program comes from our Work Truck Zone inventory. Unlike most inventory systems, ours is customized to fit your specific inventory and informational needs. Some dealers use it as their website inventory, while others use it as a private inventory for their salespeople. Click the icon above to see an example of our inventory system!

Sales History Tracker

Repeat business is key to the success for most businesses. This can be particularly important to the commercial or industrial equipment dealerships, since their buyers tend to buy the same equipment over and over again. If you value repeat business, this is the option for you. There is nothing like! Click the icon above to learn more!

Automatic Inventory Updating

When possible we like to establish an inventory update with your DMS or website provider. This update provides a much more accurate inventory update, for whoever is updating your inventory.

QR Code Label Examples

QR Code Label
With Addendum Information

Great tools for dealers of all kinds!