Lot Reconiliation

A simple process that compares your actual Lot inventory with your Work Truck Zone website inventory.

Step 1:  The first step is to attach a 1-Dimensional bar code to each truck.  This bar code must be unique to the vehicle and can be the stock number.  Our QR Code labels include a standard 1D bar code, which is found at the bottom of the label on the right.    The first step is to simply scan the bar code of every vehicle on your Lot.

QR Code Label

Step 2:  The second step is to scan the bar codes of every vehicle on your lot.  We suggest using a bar code scanner that saves all of the scans internally and then downloads all the scans at once to a computer.  There are other options, but this is the simplest and most effective.

Step 3:  The final step is to process the downloaded file, which as part of the process, compares the scanned bar codes from the Lot to your Work Truck Zone inventory.  The results is a report showing the trucks in your Work Truck Zone inventory that were not in the scanned bar code file. 

Multiple/Large Lot Option

For dealerships with a very large Lot, or multiple Lots, you might find value in our multiple Lot option.  This options allows our system to capture Lot location information.  This way you not only know a vehicle is in your physical inventory, you know what Lot, or Lot location is associated with it.