Sales History Tracker

Repeat business is key to your success!
Utilizing this tool will help make it happen!

The sales history tracker consist of three related systems:

  1. A database of buyers
  2. A database of sold vehicles/equipment
  3. A database of electronically stored documents associated with the sold units

This system can inform as to what you sold, to whom it was sold and the date of that sell.   

Imagine having this information easily available when a previous buyer calls.

Imagine having this information available when you want to reach out to a previous buyer, either by phone or person-to-person meeting.

Imagine having this information available when you have a vehicle you need to sell.  For instance, you have a dump truck that needs to go, you can run a report showing all dump trucks you have sold and who purchased them.     

Imagine running a report showing your sells transaction from 5 years ago.  Would this make an effective prospecting tool? 

Sales History Report

The Sales History report shows the purchase date, buyer or buyer number, a brief description of the vehicle or equipment purchased, salesperson and notes.

This report can be shown by date range.  The report to the right is for the date range starting 8/01/18 through 08/18/18.  You can select virtually any date range. 

If the VIN is underlined  then it offers a direct link to the vehicle in the Archive Inventory.