Dealer’s Private Inventory

Private Inventory Example

Dealer's Private Inventory

This private inventory offers information that can be valuable to the salesperson when negotiating a sell or when management is contemplating stocking levels. The best part this information is not only private, it can be accessed whenever and wherever there is access to the Internet. 

Above is an example of the inventory display.  Below is an explanation of information that can be made available. 

Available Private Dealer Options

Available Information and Routines For Each Vehicle

  • “On-Hold” Label (Status Line)  – If the vehicle is “On-Hold” a label will appear in the status line, like in the example above.  In the live inventory, if you place your mouse on the label, it will show you who has it On-Hold.
  • Days-In-Inventory (Status Line) – The Days-In-Inventory is found on the left side of the Status Line.  In the case above it is (97).
  • “Edit On-Hold” (Button) –  This button allows the adding or changing of the On-Hold status.
  • “Quote Routine” (Button) – This button goes directly to our quote routine  The quote will include the vehicle’s information.
  •  Print Brochure (Button) – This will create a brochure for the vehicle.  This brochure can include the salesperson’s name, phone, email address and URL.
  • “Hits” Count (Button) – This will show how many times this truck’s detail page has been viewed in the past week.
  • View Buyer’s VDP (Button) – This button shows the Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) that the buyer sees from the main inventory.

Electronic  Storage and Retrieval Documents, There Can Be More Than These Listed 

  • “Window Sticker” This button will show the window sticker, if available.
  • “Truck Invoice” This button only appears when there is an invoice available for this vehicle.  For used vehicles this document can be a vehicle assessment document.
  • “Body Invoice”  This button only appears when there is an invoice for the body available.  The body invoice can be an excellent source of upfit body information.
  • “Body Brochure” This button only appears when there is a body brochure available for the upfit body.
  • Other Possible Documents: Sleeper Description, Specifications Sheet, Accessories Sheet, …

This inventory system can be secured with a required username and password